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The Voice of Freelancing Platform Workers in Sweden

We are delighted to announce the launch of our paper “The Voice of Freelancing Platform Workers in Sweden”.


In a petition conducted during the autumn of 2023, over 12,000 individuals urged EU policymakers to listen to the voices of the workers impacted by the Platform Work Directive process. In March and April 2024 we then surveyed freelancers in Sweden, asking them about their motivations for choosing this lifestyle, their opinions on classification and the Platform Work Directive, whether they feel listened to by politicians, and the biggest challenges that they face.


This paper represents the results of this survey. We want politicians, decision-makers and opinion-formers to take these views on board as the EU Platform Work Directive is implemented over the next two years. More to follow on this.


We also plan to carry out the same exercise in other countries across Europe in order to collect the views of freelancers.

Download PDF • 424KB


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