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Key issues

The priority issues that we focus on are:


  • Definition of an employer and a platform - getting clarity and consistency as well as ensuring companies take their responsibilities seriously.

  • Work environment - shaping roles and responsibilities given the realities of the world of work today and the specificities of the digital economy. Worker protection is still important but evolution is needed around who is best placed to be responsible in different situations.

  • Platform Economy Worker Rights - working with decision-makers and stakeholders to take the right approach on this legislative proposal and its implementation.

  • Safety and security - we work to underline that using self-employment companies (”egenanställning”) gives a high level of security and access to the welfare system and social benefits such as the right to A-kassa.

  • Taxation - provide practical help to ensure that the DAC 7 laws are implemented across Europe in a correct and workable way while covering freelancers.

  • Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden) - Companies which allow workers to be self-employed should not be liable for debts accrued by users of these platforms. The Swedish Enforcement Authority - the government agency in charge of debt collection - should instead direct its attention to the relevant individual and not the self-employment company who is purely a go-between.

Holding Hands
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