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New White Paper on the Platform Economy

It is clear that a one size fits all approach will not work across all countries in Europe when it comes to the Platform Economy.

Similarly, it is vital that we do not stifle the growth of a new economic sector; we must find a new approach to defining “employers” and “employees”; adopt a Code of Conduct for the sector; ensure a level playing field; avoid a two-tier society; ensure algorithmic transparency; shape the rules on digital markets (DMA) and digital services (DSA) as well as AI in the right way; heighten quality, trust and reputation; guarantee access to financial services for Platform Economy workers; and take the right approach on tax.

This study is intended as a White Paper for decision-makers, stakeholders and practitioners. We look forward to further collaboration as we shape the future.

White Papers_A Fair Gig_2021_PEFINAL_ENlanguage
Download PDF • 259KB


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