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Plattformsföretagen is live!



Stockholm, 9th September 2020

Today sees the launch of a new trade association focused on the platform economy. This is rapidly becoming part of the regular economy and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. A group of like-minded organisations are therefore getting together to ensure that the benefits are nurtured and promoted, while negative elements are addressed and improved through cooperation with all private and public sector actors. The organisation is launching with 22 active member companies, which makes it the largest industry organization of its kind in the Nordic region, and the number of companies is expected to grow sharply in 2020.

Speaking about the launch of the trade association, Michael Sundquist, CEO of Cool Company, said that “the platform and project economies are a vital component of the future of work that are creating opportunities, facilitating growth and driving the Swedish economy.”

Speaking for Gigger and Gee Group, Claes Persson, said that “thanks to digitalisation and increased familiarity with technology the platform economy presents an ideal solution to a number of current labour market challenges. We are looking forward to sharing knowledge and co-operating with public and private bodies in order to co-create the platform economy of today and tomorrow which benefits everyone.”

Arli Mujkic, CEO of EPTI, underlined that “the platform economy is creating new forms of employment as well as linking employers and employees more quickly and efficiently. The platform economy can also be a vehicle which helps more young people, seniors and immigrants into the job market.”

Addressing the significant negativity about low wages, precarious working conditions and limited or no social security protection for workers associated with the platform economy, Glen Hodgson, Secretary General of Platform Economy, said that “legitimate concerns do exist on these points, so this group of organisations who want to do things properly are getting together. We are committed to following the Swedish model, paying tax, taking employer responsibility seriously and treating workers fairly and with respect.”

About Platform Economy

The platform economy can be defined as economic activity - the buying, selling and sharing of goods and services - facilitated by technology. We therefore represent honest companies and platform operators who bring people together to provide self-employment services as well as buy, sell and share goods.

Our members want to ensure that the benefits of the platform economy are nurtured and promoted, while negative elements are addressed and improved through cooperation between all relevant stakeholders. Facilitating a dialogue between public authorities, government, business, trade unions and the public will ensure that we create a platform economy which benefits everyone.

Link to Platform Economy website:

List of members:

Besedo, Billfactory, Cool Company, Done, EPTI, Euro Freelancers, Gee, Gigger, Gigway, Gimlé, Konsultboken, Lingio, Marketplace Risk, Parkamo, Remotify, Simpell, Svenska Nomader, Taskrunner, UbiGo, WhereUare, Workamo


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