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Facts & Figures

While the platform economy in Sweden is relatively small today - less than 5% of the population earn more than half their income from platform work - it is growing by exponentially, particularly among the young. 


According to Statistics Sweden (SCB), 49,900 16-24-year-olds obtained paid work via websites or apps. Of this number, 49,300 did this to gain extra income. Furthermore, a Manpower survey found that 9 out of 10 people would consider gig work in the future and Deloitte’s millennial study states that 64% of full-time workers want to do “side hustles” to make extra money. The Covid-19 crisis is merely accelerating these trends. In the next five years, 20% of the workforce will be employed in the platform economy.


95% of Swedes have access to the internet thus creating the perfect ecosystem within which the platform economy can thrive. In the same way that “e-commerce” has become a mainstream part of “commerce”, the platform economy will soon simply be seen as part of the traditional economy.

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